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    Company comprehensively implement the ISO9001 quality system, strictly implement the check on the production, the raw material inspection, process inspection, delivery inspection;In the course of production make self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection to ensure the quality of products.Ensure that nonconforming product will not out the mill.Orginizing produaction and supply products in accordance with users’ requirements and the relevant national standards strictly, guarantee the product is brand new and adopting the most suitable raw materials, advanced technology, to ensure product quality, specification and performance in accordance with user’s requirements.The goods using the most reasonable way of transportation, packing and marking are designed as national standards and user’s requirements.

Quality policy, Quality objectives
1, the quality policy: customer first;The quality is super;Strict process control;Create first-class brand.
2, quality goal: Customer satisfaction rate is 100%;Timely delivery rate is 100%;Customer questions be dealt on 100% processing and feedback.

Quality control
Production line one
     1.Quality system: In order to control the factors may influence the product effectively, such as technology, management and staff , to prevent and eliminate the unqualified products, the company set up the quality system documents , and strictly implemented, to ensure quality system sustained and effective .
     2.Design control: Ensure product design and development planned, execute according to design control program , and ensure that products comply with the relevant national standards and user’s requirements.
     3.Documents and material control: in order to maintain the company's quallity documents  are complete, correct, unified and effective, to prevent them invalid or obsolete, company control the documents and data strictly .
     4.Procurement: to meet the requirements of the fianal quality of our products , the company control the purchase process of raw materials, outsourcing parts strictly.Supplier qualification inspection, purchasing procedures are strictly controlled.
     5.Product identification: in order to prevent the raw and auxiliary materials, outsourcing parts, semi-finished products and finished goods to mix in the production flow, company rules the way to indicate products.When there are rules tracking requirements,identify uniquely for each or every batch of products.
     6.Process control: control each procedure may influence the quality of products effectively  to ensure that the final product meet the specified requirements.
     7.Inspection and testing: in order to verify the various processing meeting the specified requirements in the process of production,setting the rules on the inspection and testing requirements, and keep data be record.
        A.Incoming goods inspection and testing
        B.Processing inspection and testing
        C.Final inspection and testing
     8.Inspection, measuring and test equipment control: To ensure inspection measurement accuracy and the reliability of the value, meet the requirements of production, the company's rules to control inspection, measuring and test equipment by the regulation, check and repair.

     Production line two (Large production workshop)
     1.Non-qualified product control: to prevent non-qualified product release, use, and out factory, the company has carried out the rules to manage, isolate and treatment for the non-qualified product .
     2.Corrective and preventive actions: in order to eliminate the unqualified factor of actual or potential, the company has carried out the rules to corrective and preventive strictly.
     3.Transportation, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery: in order to guarantee the quality of purchased materials and finished products, the company has a strict system files for transportation, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery, and control strictly.

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