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Servo System for Hydraulic Press

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Servo system can be mount on all hydraulic press in our catalog giving features below: (1)30%-70% Energy Saving(2)10% Working Efficiency Increase(3)Very High Precision(4)Longer Using Life


Servo System for hydraulic press is an outstanding system just put in market in 2016. Depends on it's very high efficiency of envergy saving and accuracy inprovement, it shows extreamely popular in hydraulic press user. We beleive it will compeletly replace the CNC control system(PLC+HMI) in the market in the next 5 years.

Below is the detailed feature of servo system for hydraulic press.

1. Energy Saving:

Compare with variable stroke pump system, servo motor combine the RMP feature of constant-displacement pump and self-adjustment of oil pressure feature of system, which brings a huge energy saving potential, energy save rate can reach 30%-70%

Enegergy Saving Diagram

2. High Efficiency

  • Servo motor will increase the output of oil pump, that will increase the running speed of whole machine.
  • The response time of servo oil pump is only 20ms, highly increase the response speed of hydraulic system.

Response Time Diagram of Hydraulic Pumps 

3. Precision

  • Speed up and slow down though servo motor, reduce pump output when mold closing, fast response speed ensure the precision of mold closing and opening.
  • Though PID algorithms, when pressure is almost reach specified value, motor speed will reduce to ensure the precision of pressure, increase the FPY of products.

4. Environmental Friendly

  • Average noise reduce 15-20dB by using servo system.
  • Servo system apply speed controllable principle, reduce the overheat of oil, that increase the uselife of seals. 

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